Why the software is more effective that other DAF-FAF programs?
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There are 3 reasons why the freeware is more effective then other DAF-FAF programs.

1. We created DAF-FAF software in 1996. Probably it was the first software that was compatible with Windows 95, Pentium 100, 32M RAM. For quite a long time we have researched the effectiveness of DAF & FAF combination. And now we are bringing forward your attention our freeware with optimal DAF & FAF combination.

2. fixes the brakes that occur in the process of speaking, i.e. eliminates stuttering and stabilizes the speech circle. We speak as we can, while the program eliminates pathology of the speech circle and brings back to earphones our corrected speech (it’s called Conjugating auditory feedback CAF). This is by the way our know-how.

3. modifies our speech, by creating a so-called bisensor effect. This effect appears when the speech that goes to our ears, comes in with a slight difference. Bisensor effect is advanced Monroe effect. This difference activates the alpha-rhythm of brain, a so-called quiet vigil rhythm that causes relaxation of brain cortex (BAF - Bisensor auditory feedback is our know-how)