What does do?
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From stuttering

So what does this program do? It does several things.

First, it delays your perception of your own speech in order to brake the increased activity and spastic readiness of Broca’s area (it’s called Delayed Auditory Feedback - DAF).

Second, it lowers the pitch of the voice, what in its turn relaxes our whole speech apparatus, especially vocal chords (it’s called Frequency-shifted auditory feedback FAF).

Third, it fixes the brakes that occur in the process of speaking, i.e. eliminates stuttering and stabilizes the speech circle. We speak as we can, while the program eliminates pathology of the speech circle and brings back to earphones our corrected speech (it’s called Conjugating auditory feedback CAF). This is by the way our know-how.

Forth, the program modifies our speech, by creating a so-called bisensor effect. This effect appears when the speech that goes to our ears, comes in with a slight difference. Bisensor effect is based on Doppler effect (see also Monroe effect). This difference activates the alpha-rhythm of brain, a so-called quiet vigil rhythm that causes relaxation of brain cortex (BAF - Bisensor auditory feedback is our know-how too).


  1. Thanks for this. Hope this works!

  2. My name is Sami ur Rahman.I am student fo Electrical Engineering.I have problem of stuttering from many years.I tried to cure in local hospital but the doctors were failed.
    Then I decided I will search cure for it myself.I searched on google and youtube and on many other platforms but every where they wanted money for the cure but I couldn't efford that much money.
    I tried searching on google day I found your software ,I downloaded it ,I tried it now for 30 minutes. Its awsome. once again thanks alot.

    1. hey i am muhammad. will you please mail me on my email

  3. thanks for this,,,,, awsome software

  4. hope this will downloading :)

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