How should I train in order to get maximum therapeutic results?
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From stuttering

Free of charge program should be used for no less than 20 minutes, because according to our research, the vegetative restructuring occurs only after 20 minutes and the real advantages of this program can be observed. It happens because the stereotype of correct speech and correct speech breathing get fixed.

When we use this program we triple the time of expiration. In other words, we automatically set the correct speech breathing what is very important both for children and adults. Besides, it comes in a passive mode, i.e. a trainee does not have to control his breath.

To be able to work with the program you should only use 2 buttons – Start and Stop. After pressing Start you should start reading a text. Later you’ll be able to have a slow conversation. But first just read, in order to get used to the program, to the fact that you follow the earphones.

You will have a new sensation – that you’re speaking not the way you want it to, but the way it should be done. Please see the video how to work with the program (2nd part) so that you can see how it should be done and not be shy about it.

I’d like to emphasize that this is quite a difficult process. The increase of exhalation by three times is a pretty hard stress, especially in the beginning. As you know, no pain no gain, and in order to correct your speech you need to make some efforts. That is why I always recommend that parents try and see how the program works, and only after that give it to their child.

The most important thing is to “catch the feeling”, when the program leads you – then you’ll do well. In fact, it is so created that you have no way but to succeed.

So, the minimal time to have a good positive effect is 20 minutes, and recommended time for adults – up to 50 minutes.

Important! After the training session the tempo of your speech should be normal.