Where the stuttering "hides"
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Where the stuttering hides
I shall remind You, what is the point of discussion. It is found out, that stuttering is connected with supertension and overexcitation of the motional speech center, which leads to spasms. Therefore for treatment of stuttering they practically always use medicines, inhibitory the central nervous system, including medicaments and hypnosis. However, since children and young men, who should cope with high intellectual and physical loads, suffer from stuttering the most frequently, it is clear, that inhibition of CNS is not the best way out. Especially since the cancellation of inhibitory influence, in 2-4 weeks stuttering frequently comes back.

How to do without inhibition of CNS ?

The discovery took place, as it often happens, by chance. In due time the RDC of biocybernetics, conducting works on demand of the military, developed techniques of program elimination of the speech breaks on-line under technical malfunctions. And here it turned out, that the these techniques can also successfully be applied to elimination of speech breaks at stuttering. We were very interested in this "side" effect.
Moreover, in our center we analyzed the speech spectrum of a number of stammering people and defined areas, where “spasms” – overtones, "responsible" for stuttering are hidden. These areas are pointed at figure by figure 1. And also areas, insufficiency of which makes a voice of a stammering person hesitating and wimp. These are areas 3 and 4.

This discovery, which is protected by the international patent, explains a great deal. For example, why the majority of people stammer on consonants and do not stammer on vowels and during singing. Why, when a stammering person is indignant and his speech suddenly becomes "vivid", stuttering suddenly disappears. Why stuttering decreases during transition to some European languages, in which consonants are less "explosive", than in Russian, and generally why some people stammer on concordant "s", and the others - on «p».

We managed to establish the complex interrelation between the electroencephalogram, speech spectrum and speech spasms. Nobody doubted, that biorhythms of brain, its frequency properties were reflected in frequencies of our voice. But we proved in practice, that positive changes of the timbre and pitch of the voice improve characteristics ofelectroencephalogram.

In a word, we found a way, how not to inhibit the work of the nervous speech centers totally during the correction of speech, but to reconstruct it selectively, to remove the "unvoiced" low-frequency overtones, "responsible" for spasms and to add scarce overtones, which make speech emotional: in some cases –vivid and confident, in some - gentle and warm.

It looks as the follows:

At the first stage we use a computer, headphones and a microphone. The person starts to speak into the microphone, his speech is corrected by the computer program «BreathMaker» and sent to the headphones already corrected. That is, our patient listens to his speech without breaks, without stuttering, like the speech of a healthy person. Involuntarily the automatic adjustment of work of all speech centers takes place, and stuttering disappears. At the second stage the correction of speech under the visual control takes place, when we observe all its advantages and disadvantages at the screen of the monitor.

What You can do without assistance

We may give some practical advice, how to obtain the correct timbre of speech without assistance. But right away I shall specify - these recommendations suit most of all for the senior pupils, who can try to change their sensation of speech meaningly.

Here are three rules:

1. Everything, that is above vocal chords, should be weakened, including muscles of lips, movements of which should not be superfluous.

2. Everything, that is under vocal chords, should vibrate, that is, during speech You should feel easy vibration in the breast. That is the place, where overtones - "antidote" for stuttering are formed.

3. The pitch of a voice is to be slightly lowered for prophylaxis of the vocal chords spasm. As for a pitch of the voice – it is an independent point. Unfortunately, stammering people speak, as a matter of fact, with "not-self” voice - more higher, than the nature intended for them, but this fact will be discussed in our next publication .

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